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Wilshire Pacific Equities and its owner Doug Rowley are the absolute worst. Doug is all talk until something is wrong then completely stops responding. His company does not handle any issues with regard to managing properties in any timely fashion and when they are finally handled, they are done poorly.

Vendors hired by WPE are not held accountable for shoddy workmanship. Issues such as exposed baseboards, broken windows, general maintenance and cleaning are not handled with any expediency or efficiency.

Doug has managed our complex into the ground. He is a liar and I suspect he might be a thief. Anyone interested in working with him and his company should run away screaming.


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Having moved my condo association away from WPE and Rowley I can say that I honestly believe this is a shell company. They didn't even try to provide customer service.


This account has never been paid on time, and has had a Lien sprocess started more than 5 times. I have now taken him to small claims court and won, but cannot collect the money granted to us. This si the worst company and Doug Rowley is the worst owner of a company I have ever been in business with.


Doug Rowly is can not be labeled a bad manager because he has never MANAGED our property.He comes to meetings only to talk a lot about nothing and try to buddy up with the board members.

He is so full of *** with a bunch of double talk that means nothing.

He lies and when you call him on his *** he talk in more circles.He covers up what he doesn't know by talking a lot about another subject that makes him sound smart.


I leased townhome thru them at astoria homes..I left them a $1000 deposit .

The place they leased me was been forclosed and i was never told.

So i have moved out and now that im trying to get my deposit back they he dosent return my calls.These people are bunch of scam artist ..


Doug Rowley and the entire mismanaged staff at Wilshire Pacific Equities is perhaps, without a doubt, the WORST company I have ever had to deal with.I am to start a lawsuit on them this week .




i have sent many emails, and barely ever hear back.I have left them voicemails but they barely respond to those too.

They are horrible to deal with.They respond so slowly that i figure out an alternative solution by the time they get around to responding.


I completely agree with this complaint. Doug Rowley is a sham artist and a thief. He consistently ignores issues and those few things he finally gets around to taking care of are done terribly.

He and our (former) board president were only interested in taking care of the president's needs, not the complex's needs. If I could sue Doug personally for his incompetence and ineptitude, I would.



Have you tried being proactive by contacting the 'owner' of your complex to let them know your concerns about maintenance and upkeep?

Look into finding a new Management Company if they aren't fulfilling their written contract and agreement.

If you don't plan on doing anything proactively, then move, to continue living a joyful life.

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